What is the smart irrigation ?

Smart irrigation equipment

Smart irrigation equipment automatically adjusts the watering according to local weather conditions. For example, when it rains, smart irrigation controllers will reduce or turn off irrigation to conserve water. Your smart irrigation device has access to local weather data from weather stations, called the Weather Network.

Smart irrigation Working principle

It works by automatically turning your watering up and down according to weather triggers you input into the controller. This is great for saving water and, if you input the right triggers, should also make your garden even healthier. It’s important to keep an eye on your garden, adjusting the triggers if your garden is looking thirsty or waterlogged.

Smart irrigation controllers include an online portal that you can access on your computer or via an app on your smart phone or tablet, allowing you to easily adjust your irrigation from anywhere in the world! Some irrigation controllers also include flow meters and other smart technology that will alert you of any leaks in your irrigation system.

There are varying levels of ‘smartness’ in smart irrigation controllers that you should be aware of when switching to or setting up a smart irrigation system. Talk to your preferred irrigation professional for up to date advice.
A smart irrigation controller reads online weather data and responds via pre-set weather triggers. These triggers are set by yourself or a local irrigation expert via a web portal or app. Here are a couple of example triggers:

Turn off irrigation when it rains over 10mm

Decrease irrigation by 50% when it rains over 5mm

Increase irrigation if forecast temperature is over 35 degrees

Suspend watering if wind speeds over 50km/hr are forecast

What are the benefits of iot irrigation systems?

Sometimes a confusing and complex task. The smart controller will automatically adjust irrigation daily based on local weather information, rainfall, temperature and wind. Not once a week or once a year. This will reduce water consumption by at least 20%, which will save you money !

irrigation controller

While it is easy to see the effects of under-watering, it is often not easy to see the effects of over-watering. For shallow-rooted plants, however, constant runoff means wasted water and nutrients flow away.

Another benefit is the easy and accessible app or web portal function that can be accessed via a tablet, smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world!

Smart controllers have additional capabilities such as flow monitoring, zone shutdown and email/SMS alerts for leaks and broken pipes (great for those night time irrigation faults that can go unnoticed). There are also faulty wiring alerts for valve malfunctions which are a common cause of hard to find leaks within irrigation systems.

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