Automatic irrigation controller-On line irrigation controller


Product Introduction:

The automatic irrigation controller is a 4G online irrigation controller with real-time control, delay control, timing control, linkage control, mutual exclusion control and other functions independently developed and produced by Jingxunhui. All the operation information on the operation interface can be displayed on one screen of the irrigation controller, and the two solenoid valves can be controlled separately, so that irrigation can be started easily and quickly. The automatic irrigation controller is suitable for the irrigation control and management of park scenic spot, villa courtyard, garden grass greening, greenhouse, garden and other fields.

Type of irrigation controller:

The wireless irrigation controller is divided into two channels and one channel.

2-channel irrigation controller can realize remote control irrigation, control whether to start soil moisture detection, automatic irrigation control, button control; The 1-channel irrigation controller can realize remote control of irrigation and control whether the soil activates moisture detection and automatic irrigation control.

2 channel irrigation controller is suitable for greenhouse use, single channel irrigation controller is suitable for farm use.

Automatic irrigation controller Features:


• The irrigation controller is highly integrated, while controlling solenoid valves, frequency converters, etc.;
• Use advanced LORA communication technology;
• Integrated functions of data collection, processing, storage and transmission;
• Built-in battery, low power consumption, can run for a long time without mains power;
• Real-time monitoring of the temperature and working conditions of the product itself;
• Ultra-low power consumption, can work continuously for 1 to 3 years through a dedicated battery power supply;
• Support solar power supply;
• Real-time monitoring of battery power;
• It can monitor the signal value of the transmission network in real time and monitor the status of the transmission network;
• Good waterproof and sealing performance makes it suitable for various outdoor environments;
• Support GPS positioning function;
• With inspection and retransmission mechanism;
• Support equipment operating status change alarm;
• Real-time monitoring of equipment working temperature;
• Waterproof, explosion-proof and strong anti-interference ability;
• Elegant structure, easy installation, simple configuration and strong ease of use.

Product parameters:

Power supply: 12V-24V DC

Operating temperature: -20~60°C

Maximum power consumption: 0.4W

Working humidity: 15~90% (no condensation)

Output signal: 4G

Power consumption: 0.15 W or less

Response time: ≤1s

Working pressure: 0.9-1.1 ATM

How to use automatic irrigation controller?

1. Set a scheduled task

The user opens the power button, first manually on the controller equipment automatically in accordance with the set program for watering, can be connected to two solenoid valves, set two groups of watering procedures. The irrigation controller sends control instructions remotely through the local control of the mobile phone. Set auto travel on your phone or set time correction on your device.

2. Irrigation duration/start watering time can be set

The irrigation controller can set the start time of irrigation on the same day and the duration of irrigation at that time according to the irrigation demand.

When you have all these Settings in place, you can start lazy irrigation.


Are the procedures still in place after the blackout?

This irrigation controller is equipped with automatic data storage function. Data will not be lost after power failure, and programs will be saved by the storage function. There is no need to reconfigure work tasks after power failure. Users can be assured to use.

This device does not cost much

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