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Product Introduction

Solenoid valve so far, from the mode of action can be divided into three categories: direct action, step by step, pilot type. From the different structure and material of the valve disc and the difference in principle, step by step direct action type can be divided into: step by step direct action diaphragm type, step by step direct action piston type; Pilot type can be divided into: pilot type diaphragm, pilot type piston;
From the seat and sealing material can be divided into: soft sealing solenoid valve, steel sealing solenoid valve, semi-steel sealing solenoid valve.
Irrigation solenoid valves are available in DC and pulse styles, which can be selected according to the use scenario and requirements. Irrigation solenoid valve can be used with water and fertilizer integrated machine.

Pilot  irrigation solenoid valve Features

1. irrigation solenoid valve by T or Y type main valve and electromagnetic head composed of control switch valve.

2. the electromagnetic head can be remotely controlled through electrical signals to open and close, can automatically maintain stable outlet pressure, easy to use, can be matched with all kinds of intelligent irrigation systems.

3. The pressure adjustment precision of the solenoid valve is high, and the pressure reduction is sensitive and reliable.

4,.suitable for installation in the main pipe to protect the downstream drip irrigation system or micro spray equipment from damage caused by continuous high water pressure, to avoid pipe explosion.

5. The main valve used in this type of irrigation solenoid switch valve is a diaphragm hydraulic control valve, driven by system pressure. The hydraulic control valve is designed to open or close Y-shaped full-diameter body, with large over flow rate, small head loss and sensitive response.

6,.flexible diaphragm and guide spool perfect combination, corrosion resistance, no deformation.

7.hydraulic control, simple operation, switch labor saving, easy maintenance.

8. the use of reinforced engineering plastics production, has good weather resistance and mechanical properties, durable.



Pilot Irrigation solenoid valve is suitable for agricultural fields, greenhouses, water-saving irrigation, landscaping, breeding, seedling, fertilization, environmental protection equipment, water reuse, water supply, horticulture, circulating water and other liquid media.


Parameter name Parameter value
Waterproofing class IP68
Valve body material Reinforced nylon (PA66)
Operating temperature 0~60°C
Diaphragm material Ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM)
Operating voltage Pulse valve :DC12-40V DC valve :DC12V
Output signal RS485(Mondbus)/4-20mA(Optional)
Temperature compensation -20~80°C(Manual/Automatic)
Response speed Two way normally open normally closed alarm relay


Installation and use instructions:

1. The installation direction is marked on the valve. If the installation is wrong, the actual control effect of the solenoid head knob switch will be opposite to the mark.

2. The valve needs to be equipped with a filter screen or debris filter device before water intake to prevent the impact of debris in the liquid on the diaphragm or debris blocking the water inlet hole, endangering the safety of the valve.

3. The best installation position is the coil vertical upward, that is, the solenoid valve is the best horizontal installation.

4. When the pipe is not rigid enough or the water pressure is large and the water hammer phenomenon is obvious, please fix the front and back of the valve to prevent the vibration of the valve from causing safety risks.

5 Normally closed solenoid valve in just through the liquid will discharge a part of the liquid, but in a very short time will automatically close, this is a normal phenomenon.


Pilot Irrigation Solenoid Valve Instruction Manual


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