Intelligent agricultural control system-Agricultural control host


Product Introduction


The intelligent agricultural control system can automatically monitor and manage agricultural planting, and transmit the detected data to the cloud platform. Farmers can check the data on their mobile phones or computers. And through the analysis platform to achieve comprehensive, flexible, real-time analysis and statistics, but also can provide video monitoring, change alarm, data analysis, data application remote diagnosis and other online services, intelligent agricultural control system can realize intelligent automatic management of agricultural production.

Intelligent agricultural control system Features


(1) Low power consumption and long service life of the equipment

The equipment has good consistency, stable performance, small zero drift, good repeatability, low power consumption and long life.

(2) Real-time monitoring of agricultural scenarios

The smart agriculture control system can monitor the agricultural scene in real time through temperature and humidity, light, carbon dioxide, soil temperature and humidity sensors.

(3) Video overlay function

The smart agriculture control system has the function of video overlay, which can overlay information into the surveillance video and report it to the government monitoring platform in real time.

(4) Remote control of linkage equipment

When the monitoring data exceeds the alarm value set, the 10-channel relay will trigger the linkage equipment such as ventilation/rolling curtain/watering. When the monitoring data is lower than the alarm value, the linkage equipment will stop working.

(5) Support APP/ small program

The agricultural control host can monitor data remotely in real time through mobile APP/ small program or cloud server, significantly improving the efficiency of production and operation.

(6) Strong anti-interference ability

The intelligent agriculture control system has been tested by EMC and EM and has strong anti-interference ability.

(7) Remote control of linkage devices

When the intelligent agricultural control system equipment runs abnormally, it will trigger the alarm. At this time, the multi-channel controller will trigger the linkage device such as ventilation/rolling curtain/watering. When the monitoring device is lower than or above the set value, the linkage device will stop working. The alarm device effectively protects the equipment motor.

(8) AC contactor

Smart agriculture control system can be connected to 220V mains power, can also control three power, access 380V, control other equipment.


Intelligent agricultural control system Parameters


Parameter name Measuring range Resolution precision Unit
Temperature -120 0.1 士0.3
Humidity 0-100 0.1 士3-7 %RH
Soil temperature -20-80 0.1 士0.5
Soil moisture 0-100 0.1 士3-7 %RH
Carbon dioxide 0-5000 1 士5F.s ppm
Degree of illumination 0-200000 1 士5F.s Lux

How to use Intelligent agricultural control system?


The product comes with the instruction manual. Users should strictly follow the instructions for operation and use. If the product is not damaged manually, please apply to return to the factory for maintenance.


1.Are you dealers or manufacturers ?

We are a smart agricultural company with complete specifications.A research and development team of 100 people, specializing in agricultural Internet of things joint technology research and development, system integration and project construction.

2.Can the product be mailed to Africa or elsewhere?

As long as your area can accept express shipping and air transportation we will ship and mail, the fastest speed after the order to send you the product.


Intelligent Agricultural Control System Instruction Manual


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