Agricultural control host-Smart agricultural control system


Product Introduction

Agricultural control host is a new type of intelligent agricultural control system, which can set alarm points, and when it reaches the alarm value.Agricultural control hostcan control a variety of linkage equipment, such as curtain roller, film roller, circulating fan, temperature controller, internal / external sunshade, wet curtain water pump and irrigation. It can realize that each channel can be controlled locally, or remotely by computer and mobile phone.

Agricultural control host Features:

(1)Save manpower and material resources

The mobile phone can operate solenoid valve, shutter rolling machine, skylight and other equipment with one click, which is convenient, time-saving and labor-saving, without a lot of manual intervention.
(2)Timing movement

Time node can be set to start regularly. For example: at 9 a.m., the water and fertilizer machine can be set for regular irrigation.

When faced with the situation of high production management intensity, the linkage function of the system can simultaneously open a variety of functions, such as a series of greenhouse automatic irrigation and so on.
(4)Positive inversion

It is through the three-phase electric commutation, so as to control the positive and negative rotation of the shutter machine, or realize the ventilation and cooling function of the circulating fan.
(5)Delayed start

For example, when the shutter machine is running, a certain time point must be set to stop running slowly until it is closed, so as to protect the circuit and prevent the danger of the circuit.

Agricultural control host Detail:

1.When the measured data is lower than the alarm value, the linkage equipment will stop working, report to the cloud platform in real time, and issue commands with the underground at any time.
2.Support multiple linkage devices, It supports up to 48 channels of control and can access 32-bit sensors. At the same time, according to different requirements, the device can access 4 display screens
3.The seven inch touch screen displays clearly, and each control device can be operated through the touch screen to view each group of sensor information.
4.By combining local control with network control, each channel can be controlled locally or remotely by mobile phone and computer.

5.Standard battery and local combination,The host has multiple protection mechanism control, network control;

6.Support emergency stop button, 380V voltage protection function. Each channel can be controlled locally or remotely;

7.Built-in excellent lightning protection design;

8.There are overvoltage and undervoltage protection mechanism Jing Xunyun, small program and APP;

9.Mobile phone control to open the shutter shutter.

Greenhouse agricultural control system application scheme
You can set the alarm value, reach the alarm value, trigger the ventilation/roller/watering and other linkage equipment when the monitoring data is lower than the alarm value, the linkage equipment will stop working and report to the platform in real time.make.



Parameter name Parameter value
Power supply 12V-DC (JXZJ-Z1 series)
220V-AC (other series)
Product power consumption ≤30W
Number of control channels ≤48
Number of sensing channels ≤32 groups
Relay allowable current ≤ 10A
Contactor allowable current ≤90A (optional according to configuration)
Total allowable current ≤300A (optional according to configuration)
Surge protection voltage 385VAC
Total allowable current ≤300A (optional according to configuration)
Protection level 1.8KV/5KA
Working temperature .-20-70°C
Working humidity 0-95%RH non-condensing

How to use Agricultural control host?

1.The product comes with the instruction manual. Users should strictly follow the instructions for operation and use. If the product is not damaged manually, please apply to return to the factory for maintenance.


1.Are you dealers or manufacturers ?

We are a smart agricultural company with complete specifications.A research and development team of 100 people, specializing in agricultural Internet of things joint technology research and development, system integration and project construction.

2.Can the product be mailed to Africa or elsewhere?

As long as your area can accept express shipping and air transportation we will ship and mail, the fastest speed after the order to send you the product.


Agricultural Control Host Instruction Manual




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