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Amazing Sensors for Agriculture

Soil Sensor

Detect Soil NPK, PH, and nutrient

Weather sensor

Detect wind, rainfall and sunshine

irrigation machine

Easier to irrigate orchard or garden

Soil Sensor

Intuitive detection of soil PH, nutrients, temperature and humidity and other parameters

Weather Station

Weather stations can collect wind speed, wind direction, rainfall and illumination in one

Irrigation System

Smart Irrigation helps you control your irrigation equipment remotely and monitor in real time

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Very useful product! I use the soil tester to monitor my plants, they growed much better than before!

Sarah Jones

Farm Owner

Soil sensors really helps a lot in my final paper. I got accurate soil data to support my work. Wonderful!

Jessica Foxx

Small agricultural weather stations are very portable, perfect for those of us who work outdoors and have demanding weather conditions!  Very good!  

Briana Luke

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