DC solenoid-Solenoid valve solenoid head


Product Description:

DC solenoid is mainly used for irrigation solenoid valve Quiet and silent This solenoid is a normally closed DC solenoid. Low-power solenoid coils with a wide range of working pressures. Large flow velocity and small head loss

Working Principle:

When energized, the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force to suck up the moving iron core from the water outlet, and the valve opens. When the power is cut off, the electromagnetic force disappears, and the moving iron core is pressed against the water outlet, and the valve is closed.

Parameter introduction:

DC power supply: 12V DC
Shell material: ABS plastic
Rubber ring material: nitrile
Working environment: -30℃~66℃
Under pressure: <0.8mpa
Protection class: IP64
Thread: American 3/4-16 thread

Product Details:


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