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Product Introduction:

Water and fertilizer integration technology is a new agricultural technology that integrates irrigation and fertilization. The integration of water and fertilizer is to use the pressure system (or the natural drop of the terrain) to mix the soluble solid or liquid fertilizer according to the soil nutrient content and the fertilizer requirement law and characteristics of the crop type, and the fertilizer solution and the irrigation water are mixed together through the controllable pipeline System water supply and fertilizer supply. After the water and fertilizer are melted, spray irrigation is formed through pipes, spray guns or nozzles, which are evenly, regularly, and quantitatively sprayed on the growth area of crops, so that the soil in the main growth area always maintains looseness and suitable moisture content. According to the characteristics of fertilizer requirements of different crops, soil environment and nutrient content conditions, and the law of fertilizer requirements, the requirements of different growth periods are designed, and water and nutrients are fixed and quantified, and directly provided to crops in proportion. Water and fertilizer integrated machine (fertilizer equipment) is the product of water and fertilizer integration technology.

Water and fertilizer integration Features:

  1. English operating system, friendly man-machine interface, security password setting, convenient for user authority management and system safe operation.
  2. Support the operation of the control system of irrigation amount or irrigation time, and support automatic control of soil moisture sensor.Standard control 10 irrigation solenoid valves; expandable to 50.
  3. Standard 3-way fertilizer injector (users can add additional fertilizer injectors according to actual needs, up to 8 channels), set EC/PH value according to fertilizer ratio or adopt standard formula (agricultural expert system) for automatic fertilization .
  4. Real-time EC/PH value detection control and automatic correction function.
  5. The liquid supply of each supply pipe can be controlled.
  6. Real-time monitoring of the changes of various input and output parameters, and automatically save them for viewing various window screens, alarm event records, important parameter history records, real-time curves, etc.
  7. System failure alarm output.
  8. Expansion of irrigation and fertilization technology.
  9. Header control function of water source.
  10. Irrigation mode: zone circulation, timing and quantitative control, automatic adjustment of irrigation time according to different periods, control software can be written according to user requirements.


parameter name                                                              parameters  content

Power supply                                                                    380V (customizable)

Inlet\Water and Fertilizer Pipeline Interface            DN25/DN32

Mixing fertilizer mixing tank water interface            DN25

Fertilizer interface                                                           DN15

Fertilizer injection flow                                                  0-25L

Maximum pressure of fertilizer injection                  55 kg

Water pump                                                                     Industrial grade 304 stainless steel water pump

screen size                                                                        154* 85mm/800* 480px

Water volume                                                                0.7-1.1m3/h


  1. The power supply of this machine is three-phase 380V power supply, the minimum working voltage is 330V, the maximum working voltage is 450V. The total power consumption of the machine is less than 2.5KW.Matching power line ≮2.5㎡ international copper wire. Leakage protector should be installed on the side of the incoming wire.
  2. After installation, first check the operating table voltage display is in the allowed range, each voltage is balanced.
  3. Check whether the water pump turns correctly,If the cable connection sequence is incorrect, adjust the pump output cable connection sequence.
  4. Fertilization machine should be used in the pump room, not wind and rain, otherwise it will lead to electrical parts short-circuit aging.
  5. Below 0 degrees in winter, water pump and pipeline flowmeter need to release water, otherwise freezing crack will not be guaranteed.


Is the program data still available after the blackout?

The irrigation controller has automatic data storage function. Data will not be lost after power failure, the program is saved through the storage function. There is no need to reconfigure work tasks after a power outage. Users can be assured to use.

Is this kind of equipment expensive?

We are a pioneer in intelligent irrigation, focusing on technology research and development, equipment manufacturing and application promotion of agricultural iot system engineering. We have professional sales manager according to your needs, detailed quotation.


Instruction Manual Irrigation of Water and Fertilizer


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