Drip irrigation system – Smart irrigation control system



Product Introduction

Drip irrigation system is to use pipes to send pressurized water to the irrigation area, and disperse it into small water droplets through sprinklers, and spray them evenly into the field to irrigate crops. Sprinkler irrigation can make the water utilization rate reach 90%, save labor and time, save costs, increase production and income, and avoid secondary salinization of the soil.


Drip irrigation system provides the most suitable scheme of automatic irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation according to the demand law of crops, soil moisture, because soil properties and other conditions.

(1)precision irrigation
Through the information collected by the sensor, the soil water demand is judged and analyzed, and the irrigation is automatically stopped when the set threshold is reached, because so as to achieve the purpose of saving water and precision irrigation.

(2)Remote centralized control
It supports remote control, manual control, automatic control,because  timing control and other working modes, which can control all irrigation equipment and save manpower.

(3)Operation log
The automatic irrigation system automatically records the operation of the equipment and automatically generates the operation log. You can view all operation records through the cloud platform.

(4)Agricultural environmental monitoring
Agricultural environmental monitoring platform can comprehensively,


because The drip irrigation system is suitable for various outdoor environmental monitoring, such as: agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, lawn, environmental protection, because meteorological department, cultural relics conservation and other fields.


Parameter name Parameter value
Power supply 380V (customizable)
Inlet\Water and Fertilizer Pipeline Interface DN25/DN32
Mixing fertilizer mixing tank water interface DN25
Fertilizer interface DN15
Fertilizer injection flow 0-25L
Maximum pressure of fertilizer injection 55 kg
Screen resolution 154* 85mm/800* 480px
Water pump Industrial grade 304 stainless steel
Water volume 0.7-1.1m3/h

 How to use drip irrigation system

Operation mode:

Drip irrigation system supplies water and fertilizer through the controllable pipeline system. After the water and fertilizer are mixed, the sprinkler irrigation is carried out through the pipeline, spray gun or nozzle.
The uniform, regular and quantitative spraying is carried out in the growing area of crops,
At the same time,because according to the characteristics of different crops’ fertilizer demand


1.Are the procedures still in place after the blackout?

This irrigation controller is equipped with automatic data storage function. Data will not be lost after power failure, and programs will be saved by the storage function. becauseThere is no need to reconfigure work tasks after power failure. Users can be assured to use.

2.This device does not cost much

We are the pioneer of smart irrigation, focusing on the technology research and development, equipment manufacturing and application promotion of agricultural Internet of things system engineering. because We have professional sales managers according to your needs, detailed quotation.


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