Do you know the effect of using a soil nutrient detector?

Rapid soil nutrient detector

Soil nutrient detector can detect nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients in cultivated soil. Among the 16 essential nutrients of crops, NPK are the three nutrients needed by crops and taken away more during harvest.

The content of useful states provided by soil to crops is less, so the disharmony between nutrient supply and demand must be adjusted by applying fertilizer. Therefore, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are called the three elements of fertilizer.

Using a rapid soil nutrient detector can help us fully understand the elements in the soil. Thus, the application in agricultural management activities in the process of development, fully reflects the importance of contemporary science.
The rapid detection of soil nutrients mak
es traditional agriculture conform to scientific management technology and opens up a new development mode for agriculture.

About soil nutrient detector

After years of research and development of JXCT, soil nutrient detector was born successfully. It is an ideal soil measuring instrument with high accuracy and fast speed.
JX-3001-TR soil nutrient detector, the detection project conforms to the national standard. In addition, JX-3001-TR soil nutrient detector also supports the detection of fertilizer nutrients and plant nutrients. It is a high intelligent comprehensive testing instrument.

Soil fertilizer nutrient speedometer can monitor the soil nutrient in real time, and can monitor the soil fertility, and the measurement is convenient. Fertilizer producers, soil research and other fields are common.

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