Select the appropriate ambient weather station

If you’re interested in tracking the weather, you might want to know which ambient weather station is right for you. JXCT offers various types of weather stations to suit your needs and budget.   Our weather stations and sensor function is rich, has the bright screen and built-in connects to the powerful web-based dashboard – JINGXUN cloud.

 When a weather enthusiasts from JXCT buy an ambient weather station, they get is more than just a weather station; They are becoming part of the vibrant and trusted community that Ambient Weather is creating around its products and brands.

Before diving into our weather station options, you will want to ask yourself a few questions:

What data do I want to track from ambient weather stations?

Do you just care about the outdoor temperature and humidity, or are you looking for a station that can monitor the UV index or wind chill? You will first want to consider what information you want to track. Our home weather stations can range from beginner-level models that track basic measurements to more sophisticated devices that measure a wide range of data points. Whether you are just looking for a simple station to track the weather in your backyard or want something that can provide detailed data, we have various options to choose from.

How do I want to monitor my data?

This is a trick question because, with ambient weather station, you don’t have to worry about accessing the data you need or being forced to pay additional costs to view it. All our weather stations offer free access to one of the most advanced and comprehensive systems for remotely monitoring your data – Ambient Weather Network . AWN provides real-time access to your data, allowing you to track and analyze changes in weather patterns over time. It also allows you to set alerts, share forecasts and connect with a larger weather community. Your weather station will either have built-in Wi-Fi to access JINGXUN cloud.

The second way to view your data is through one of our bright, engaging displays. Most of our stations come with a display that shows current conditions, including temperature and humidity, and the forecast for the day. You can even add additional displays to view your data from multiple rooms.

Do I want to add any indoor or outdoor sensors?

Adding on sensors allows you to expand your network and gain even greater insights into the conditions in and around your home. Deciding what sensors you want to add now or in the future will help you narrow down your weather station options. Some of our advanced sensors, such as the JXBS-3001 Soil Moisture Sensor, light Detector, are only compatible with specific weather station models. View the weather station list below to see what sensors are compatible with which stations and start planning now to get the most out of your home monitoring system.

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