What are the weather station sensors?

Weather station sensors is an ideal multi – factor environment measuring instrument in the industry. The application and promotion of weather stations bring convenience to agriculture and other industries, meet people’s needs for small-scale meteorology, and are widely used in meteorological monitoring, agricultural environment, forestry, water conservancy, environmental protection, intelligent parks, campus science popularization and other aspects.

Weather station component

Weather station bracket: in fact, the bottom bracket and the pole of the weather station, as well as a beam on the top, as the main frame of the weather station, fixed various sensors; Sensors: There are CO2, air pressure, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, illumination, air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, PM2.5/PM10 sensors, according to the field application needs to be configured, deployed and installed on the weather station support.

Cloud platform

The cloud platform is the core of the weather station. After the data is collected by the sensor, the data is transmitted through 4/5G, WIFI, Ethernet and other networks. The cloud platform automatically processes and analyzes the data and presents it, which can accurately import, analyze, store, query and output the meteorological data. Managers manage the cloud platform through mobile APP, computer software/web side;

Optional Equipment

Optional equipment: including touch center control screen, LED display and other large monitoring screen, used for outdoor display of meteorological data; The weather station developed based on the Internet of Things technology has various functions, such as online monitoring, data storage, automatic alarm, historical query and other functions. It can also be compatible with other agricultural Internet of Things systems and be used together with soil moisture monitoring, greenhouse control system, integration of water and fertilizer, intelligent irrigation and other systems.

Key points of Purchase

Equipment quality: In order to ensure the correct information provided by the meteorological station, the equipment of the meteorological station should consider its raw materials, performance, function expansion, etc., flexibly play the role of the meteorological station, and provide users with high degree, timely and effective meteorological information;


After-sales service: Since weather stations themselves rely on sensors to collect meteorological data, sensors are high-precision equipment and need to work outdoors for a long time, which will affect the accuracy of detection and the service life of the equipment. Good after-sales service, can effectively ensure the weather station technical application problems, can get a quick response;


Brand choice: there are many brands of weather stations on the market. When choosing weather stations, we must choose regular manufacturers. Large brands with many years of experience, whether from the design or from the production line, need to be strictly regulated by professional departments, so you can rest assured to use. Only by purchasing weather station equipment produced by professional manufacturers can accurate meteorological information services be guaranteed;



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Most external sensors are waterproof! The high-strength shell can effectively prevent rain and snow erosion. Some accessories, such as the host and negative oxygen ion detector, are not waterproof. When used outdoors, they should be placed in a special waterproof box.

The LCD meteorological station uses a high-definition large-screen display, and the values are also very clear in the dark.

Meteorological stations application in reservoirs, farmland, pastures, campuses, highways, and construction sites to measure rainfall, soil moisture, light, temperature and humidity, rain and snow, particle concentration, and other meteorological elements. You can view the latest and most accurate data in real-time.

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