What are the advantages of water-saving irrigation systems

Agricultural water-saving irrigation system adopts the principle of adapting to local conditions. Different irrigation facilities are selected according to the different needs of different regions and different crops. Sensor technology, 4G technology, wireless communication technology, LORA technology and big data processing technology are used to monitor and manage agricultural irrigation. Ensure that the water needed for crop growth can be timely and fully satisfied, so as to achieve the purpose of water-saving irrigation.

Agricultural water-saving irrigation system is mainly composed of soil moisture sensor, meteorological monitoring station, water pump control valve, video, acquisition control terminal, wireless communication module, photovoltaic power supply system and agricultural cloud management monitoring platform. The system integrates the information of regional hydrology, hydrology, meteorology and working conditions, and realizes the functions of information collection, statistics, analysis, control and release. It provides a scientific basis for the decision-making of irrigation management department, improves the efficiency of irrigation management and realizes the automation of agricultural irrigation.

Advantages of agricultural irrigation systems

In situ collection and continuous operation

The system's power supply system uses a combination of solar energy and lithium batteries to provide stable and durable power output. In addition, the whole system adopts low power consumption design, which can ensure long time without light operation.

Flexible network, convenient construction

Monitoring equipment, control equipment and acquisition control terminal can be wired network or LORA network, depending on the field conditions. The acquisition control terminal is connected with the wireless communication module through a cable. The wireless communication module uploads the data to Jingxun Cloud's agricultural management platform through 4G. The wireless communication module has the characteristics of anti-interference and strong stability. The LORA network solution can cover up to 10 km in diameter, which reduces the difficulty of field wiring.

Intelligent cloud Platform

According to the report, the agricultural management monitoring platform presents monitoring results in a visual way. Users can obtain water level, flow, rainfall and other information in real time, and analyze the data, generate data reports; Can complete the historical data query, statistics and analysis. The platform also allows for quantitative, regular and on-demand watering.

Industry application

Agricultural water-saving irrigation system has monitoring function, integrates meteorological and hydrological monitoring, provides data support for irrigation operations, and scientifically guides the rationality of irrigation operations. The system has the functions of automatic irrigation, automatic wheel irrigation, on-demand irrigation and intelligent decision making. It can not only meet the needs of farmland irrigation, but also be used for urban greening, park greening and other landscape. In a real sense, it enables intelligent, precise and economical irrigation.

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