What do you know about rainfall measurement instruments?

What are the rainfall measuring instruments ?

Rainfall measurement instruments is rain sensor and rain and snow sensor to monitor rain and snow. Rain sensor is a hydrological, meteorological instruments to measure the amount of rainfall in nature, the sensor will be converted to rainfall to switch the form of information output, to meet the information transmission, processing, recording and display needs.

Optical ainfall measuring instruments measure rainfall using the principle of optical sensing. Using infrared light as the measurement medium, multiple optical probes are built-in. Avoid external light and fog and water to interfere with the detection of the optical rain sensor, making the measurement results more accurate. Compared with traditional mechanical sensors, optical rainfall is small in size and high in sensitivity. It is an intelligent and easy-to-maintain weather monitoring device.

Advantages of rainfall sensors

Accurate recording data

Rainfall monitoring system can accurately record every minute of precipitation, and the data is timely and accurately transmitted to the recorder, to achieve real-time monitoring of rainfall.

Natural disaster reduction

Rainfall monitoring stations can monitor rainfall conditions online 24 hours a day. It is a necessary means to master the state of flood area, early warning of safety accidents and flood fighting.

Unattended recording station

rainfall monitoring is an unmanned automatic rainfall recording instrument, it can be used as an unattended movable self-recording station.

Rainfall measuring instruments can connect wired or wireless communication modules to form an Internet of Things system for rain measuring stations.

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