What is a soil conductivity sensor?

soil conductivity sensor

Soil conductivity sensor adopts the new generation of international FDR measurement method, and the accuracy can reach below 3%; the electromagnetic non-contact measurement method, the soil conductivity sensor will not drift with time, greatly improving the stability of the product and prolonging the service life.

Soil conductivity sensors plays an important role in crop growth. So,Soil conductivity can reflect a wealth of information about soil quality and physical properties.

In recent years, the phenomenon of soil acidification and secondary salt clearing was mainly caused by seasonal soil mulching which changed the water and heat balance in the natural state, resulting in the accumulation of salt in the soil surface. On the other hand, farmers do not pour fertilizer reasonably.
Therefore, it is very important to monitor the electrical conductivity in soil to grasp its pollution status.

Soil EC sensors Application

Soil EC sensors is suitable for farmland production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, all kinds of horticultural soil testing, support parameter free customization, multi in one soil sensor customization.

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