Optical Rain Gauge – Rain Sensor


Product Description:

Optical rain sensors measure rainfall using the principle of optical sensing. Using infrared light as the measurement medium, multiple optical probes are built-in. Avoid external light and fog and water to interfere with the detection of the optical rain sensor, making the measurement results more accurate. Compared with traditional mechanical sensors, optical rainfall is small in size and high in sensitivity. It is an intelligent and easy-to-maintain weather monitoring device.

Parameter introduction:

Output mode: RS485/5V pulse output
Power supply: 12V-24V DC
Power consumption: ≤0.2W (12V DC, 25℃)
Operating temperature: -30℃ to +50℃
Working humidity environment: 0%-99%RH (relative humidity), non-condensing
Working pressure range: standard atmospheric pressure ± 10%
Dimensions: 75.94*64*45.5mm (length*width*height)

Product Details:

Optical Rain Gauge

Weight N/A



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