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Product Introduction

What is a Ethernet illuminometer? The Ethernet illuminometer is a high-precision light-sensitive transmitter with an output value measurement unit of Lux. An illumination sensor is used for the outdoor measurement of light intensity. The illuminance sensor adopts a wall-mounted waterproof shell. There are two ranges of 0-65535 lux and 0-20 million lux. We provide sunlight sensor and temperature, humidity, sunlight 3 in 1 sensor.


  • Model: JXBS-3001-GZ
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours

Ethernet illuminometer Features

1. High-precision illuminance detection measuring range 0-60000 Lux, 0-200000 Lux optional.

2.4-20mA/0-10V/0-5V/RS485 multiple output signals are optional.

3. IP65 high protection level, can be used in an outdoor or harsh on-site environment.

4.10-30V DC wide voltage power supply.

5. We offer many types of solar light sensors for different applications. Some light sensors can integrate many other modules to measure many elements.

Ethernet illuminometer Parameters

Parameter name Parameter contect
DC powered(default) 48v standard POE power supply
Power consumption ≤0.15W(@12V DV,25℃);
light insensity accuracy ±0.5%/℃;
light insensity accuracy 0~200000Lux/0~655Lux;
Long term stability ≤ 5%/y
Communication protoco take initiative to report /TCP modbus
Range of working pressure 0.9-1.1atm

Illumination sensor operating environment:

0℃~40℃, 0%RH~70%RH(with liquid crystal);

0℃~70℃, 0%RH~70%RH(without liquid crystal).


This device measures the light data in real time and uses wireless network for transmission. The network transmission of this product adopts a stable and reliable operator network, mature technology and stable transmission, strong signal and wide coverage. At the same time, the device supports regular data collection and active upload to the server platform.


1.Before installing the device, check the device list and operate according to the device list and instructions.

2. Interface description

The power supply interface is wide voltage power supply with 12-24V input. Pay attention to the positive and negative signal lines of analog products, do not connect the positive and negative current/voltage signal lines back

3.Installation Precautions

Place the sensor in an environment that is sheltered from wind and rain, and hang it at 90 degrees perpendicular to the floor. Keep the air hole of the sensor facing directly below to prevent water intake.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, please install the illuminance transmitter in a well-ventilated position.


1.Why do we need to measure light?

Sunlight is of great significance to agriculture, especially in water-scarce areas. Different crops require different amounts of sunlight, so it is important to know which land is most exposed. One strategy adopted is to water the crops in the afternoon or evening to prevent the soil and plants from being scorched by the sun before they absorb the water. You can use the light sensor to automatically manage the sprinkler system and only water when the sun is not the brightest. When combined with other weather monitoring equipment to collect data about temperature, pressure, and humidity, the system can not only water in dim sunlight but also intelligently detect upcoming rain or clouds to optimize its watering schedule.

2.How to install the light sensor?

The illuminance sensor should be installed in an open surrounding area without any obstacles above the sensing surface. Then put the radiometer cable plug directly to the north, adjust the horizontal position, and fix it firmly, and then connect the total radiometer output cable with the recorder to observe. It is best to fix the cable firmly on the mounting frame to reduce breakage or intermittent interruption on windy days.

3.How to access the connection system ?

When the system needs to access multiple Ethernet versions of sensors, it is necessary to connect each sensor to each different single chip microcomputer analog quantity acquisition port or PLC DI interface, and write the corresponding acquisition program according to the conversion relationship below.


485 Ethernet Illuminometer Instruction manual


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