What Is a Wind Direction Instrument

The wind direction instrument is one of the monitoring devices that meteorologists track as they observe the weather. Wind speed and direction can provide important clues about the weather and play an important role in predicting future conditions. There are also many benefits to tracking wind speed and direction in your home.

Wind Direction Instrument
What Does Wind Direction Mean?

There’s some confusion around the meaning of wind direction. Simply put, wind direction is where the wind is coming from, and not going to. For example, if the wind direction is SW, it’s originating from the SW and traveling to the opposite direction, which is NE.

Why Does Wind Direction Matter?

Wind direction matters because it can cause weather changes. With the right conditions, bad weather can cause secondary hazards such as storm surges, floods, and severe thunderstorms. Determining wind speed and direction is also important for military use. The United States Air Force collects data by dropping cargo with wind direction instrument during a simulated resupply drop, which then transmits coordinates as it falls to the ground. Knowing when a cargo drop is to be expected and where it should land is critical information for soldiers on the battlefield.

Technological advances have significantly enhanced the accuracy of such devices. Various types of wind monitoring instruments may be used for measuring many different variables, including the direction and velocity of the wind.

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