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Watering controllers make home watering easier and more efficient. While most sprinkler systems revolve around plastic pipes and a set of electric valves connected to the water supply; But the operating brain is always on the controller. Watering lawns and gardens can be a thankless chore, especially with a hose in one hand and a beer in the other.

For decades, watering controllers have hardly been elegant devices. They typically consist of a rotary dial, a handful of switches, and perhaps a crude monochrome LCD. This is rapidly changing, as smart sprinkler controllers enter the market.

These have come from two angles: Startups looking to disrupt the market with brand-new devices. old-guard irrigation companies that have upgraded their gear with smart innards. Both approaches to date have shown some merit. Here are our takes on the best gear on the market today.

The world’s best smart watering controller gets even better, with new features, better wireless connectivity, and smarter water management.

watering controller Features

1.Set a scheduled task

The irrigation controller sends control instructions remotely through local control. The equipment will automatically irrigate according to the set procedure. It can be connected with two solenoid valves and set up two groups of irrigation procedures.

2.Irrigation duration/start watering time can be set

The irrigation controller can set the start time of irrigation on the same day and the duration of irrigation at that time according to the irrigation demand.

3.Power failure storage function

Data is not lost after power failure, and programs are saved by the storage function. There is no need to reconfigure work tasks after power failure.

4.the screen backlight is controllable

Turn on automatically, 40S out, can also be controlled by pressing the button.

5.Built-in clock chip

The irrigation controller can set automatic travel times on the program or equipment for user convenience.

What to look for when shopping for a smart watering controller

Do you have a watering system already?

But most watering controllers are used to work with real irrigation controllers, connect to their own water supply and have electric valves and dedicated pipes to control the flow of water.
Installing a true sprinkler system can be a daunting task that requires professional help. Especially if you have a large yard or garden, but it’s not difficult to upgrade from a “stupid” controller to a smart controller. If you are installing a sprinkler system from scratch, consult a landscaping expert first.

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