How does an agricultural farm become a smart farm?

IoT In Agriculture

A new type of intelligent agricultural control system used in smart farm. The monitoring equipment can be set alarm points. When the alarm value is reached, it can control various linkage equipment such as curtain roller, circulating fan, temperature controller, internal and external sunshade, wet curtain water pump and irrigation. It can realize the local control of each channel, but also can be controlled remotely through the computer and mobile phone.

What is IoT-based Farming? How does it work?

IoT-based agricultural products have added significant value to the farming sector by employing a more comprehensive range of interconnected products utilizing the internet. The farmers can now choose between automating the assets and manual operability, wherever required. Not only choose, but they also have automatic access to a variety of farming functions like drone-based sprinkling, real-time field monitoring, supply chain accuracy, etc. IoT-based farming includes all of this along with precision farming, predictive maintenance, advanced analytics, and smart wearable for the cattle. It works on the basis of sensors and gateway connectivity that enables automated monitoring of the farm assets in real-time. The technology is also helpful in providing real-time alerts about the soil condition and maintenance strategies to obtain a better crop yield.

IoT technology in the farming industry keeps a significant eye on improvising inventory management, providing on-demand deliveries, having consumer interactions, and personalizing the field management via mobile monitoring. We conforms around IoT technology and enables businesses to operate the entire production floor. Advanced sensors and proper gateway connectivity organize the data from assets like soil, livestock, warehouses and logistics, and weather. This data is then converted into a user-friendly format and shared with the managers to analyse the farm conditions and yield progress.

Automating Smart Greenhouse

Apart from the Smart farm, JXCT provides an IoT-powered smart farming solution to automate greenhouses as well. The solution is equipped with modern sensors and communication technologies capable of capturing and delivering information about the crops and surroundings automatically. This information plays a vital role in the decision-making of farm managers. Smart greenhouses are made to create optimal growing conditions for the plants, eliminating the chances of plant diseases and other diagnoses. With the interconnectivity of farm assets and greenhouses, the farm authorities keep real-time crop health and productivity.

One-stop Solution
Having a one-stop where you get all required becomes one of the most economical ways to upgrade your business. It offers end-to-end services to farming businesses, where the managers can extract data, monitor, and analyse it using the same system. The insights help them outgrow the competitors by suggesting actionable measures, contributing to more efficient decision-making. Moreover, it uses modern technology to increase the quantity and quality of the produce by initiating a good understanding of the consumer demands among farm managers.

Real-time Monitoring
jxct uses advanced sensor devices installed in the appropriate places to extract information. The collected data is processed further to produce real-time insights into crop quality, resource utilization, and farm equipment conditions. Sensors help provide on-time recognition of any error that might lead to less productivity. In addition, IoT technology tracks real-time data analytics to offer managerial controls, which keep an eye on the yield and crop wastage.

Smart Management
With great innovations and technological transformations, Biz4Intellia designs state-of-the-art solutions for farm businesses to help simplify their management procedures. Smart field management is one of the most required pieces in the agricultural domain, where the farmers can systematically go through the field condition till the crop reaches the customer. The smart farming solution is a full-package inclusive of smart logistics and warehousing, greenhouse management, pest prevention, climate monitoring, etc.

Advanced Analytics
The Internet of Smart farm provides farm managers with advanced analytics and prepares better for upcoming demands. With the rising population every year, the smart farming solution suggests the authorities about the growing food demands and analyses the inventories according to the same. It further helps the managers monitor crop health in real-time and invest their efforts in creating brand awareness by fulfilling the farm needs. Using advanced analytics to improve crop management, assess all kinds of risks, and transform livestock management provides the farmers with a transformative lifestyle and enhances their true potential in the farming business.

Personalized Dashboard
Using the in-built dashboard in an IoT-based solution, it becomes quite easy for farm managers to enhance their farming techniques according to the proven trends. The entire IoT architecture consists of sensors, advanced gateway connectivity, and a connectable dashboard that displays the insights through a smart gadget. The farm managers can easily personalize the dashboard, keeping the things that matter the most according to their business requirements. It is a great resource to gather information on a single platform from multiple farming practices, simplifying and organizing the entire workload.

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