How to choose a weather station?

What does the weather station equipment include?
1.Automatic weather station

The automatic weather station includes meteorological sensor, microcomputer meteorological data collector, power supply system, radiation shield and other equipment. It is a kind of conventional meteorological elements that can actively observe and transmit air pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed, and rainfall. Information, a ground observation device for ground weather observation, storage, and transmission of observation data.

2.Rainfall Weather Station

Rainfall weather station equipment includes rain gauge, wind speed and direction sensor, air temperature and humidity sensor and other equipment. In addition to these, other sensor devices can be added according to actual needs.

3.Portable weather station

Portable weather stations can measure atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, illumination, rainfall, soil temperature and humidity and other parameters. Factory direct sales, support multi-parameter customization, can better meet the specific needs of different customers. Convenient and convenient to carry.

4.Forest fire weather station

Forest fire parameters can be added according to the need of weather stations and various environmental parameters can be collected; Fire stations can test at the scene. Users can carry out all-weather on-site monitoring of more than ten meteorological elements such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, light intensity, soil temperature, soil moisture, evaporation, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation and dew point. In this way, the observation efficiency is improved and the labor intensity of the observation personnel is reduced. The forest fire weather station has stable performance and high detection accuracy. Unmanned, strong anti-interference ability. The software features rich functions, easy to carry, and strong adaptability.

9.Campus Weather Station

Composed of various sensors and automatic weather stations, the establishment of a weather station on the campus not only enables students to master the basic methods of meteorological observation but more importantly, it can stimulate students’ interest and enthusiasm in learning physical geography and learn more Meteorological science knowledge.

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