What does a Rain Gauges Measure and How it Use?

Accurate measurements of rainfall have historically been difficult to achieve due to its strong regional and diurnal variability. The scientists found that the accuracy of the rain gauge was closely related to its material, the size of the opening, the height of the opening from the ground, and the surrounding environment. Today, most rain gauges are made of plastic that doesn’t break easily and is more durable.

What is a rain gauge used for?

In the meteorological aspect, rain gauge can record the current amount of rainfall in time, very practical. The bucket rain-gauge is a wired telemetry instrument that can continuously record precipitation over time and measure cumulative precipitation. It is divided into two parts, sensor and recorder, connected by cable.


Optical Rain Gauge

Optical rain gauge is a new meteorological rain gauge based on photoelectric detection principle, which is mainly used to measure rainfall. The principle of infrared light sensing is to judge the rainfall by using the characteristics of different light transmission characteristics when water droplets exist in the air. Built-in multiple optical probes, strict analysis of the optical path. When the raindrop passes through the sampling space, the raindrop will block the laser, and the optical signal received by the receiving sensor and the electrical signal converted from the optical signal will change.

Tipping bucket rain gauge

Tipper rain gauge is a typical rain gauge for weather station. Working principle of tipper type rain gauge The tipper principle is used to monitor rainfall changes in real time. Tipper type rain sensor is a mechanical bistable structure. Due to gravity, it flips over and sits in a waiting state. The process will generate pulse signals, which will be recorded by wireless communication and reported to the cloud server to provide data support for the command and decision making of industry users and improve the hydrological monitoring capability.

The precision rain gauge automatically records rainfall and relies on an intelligent rain monitoring system to upload data to the data center through wired, GPRS, Ethernet and other communication modes. Users can view the data through the computer or mobile APP platform, such as curve to view the seasonal rainfall, daily rainfall, monthly rainfall, annual rainfall and so on. The historical data can also be exported or saved as an EXCEL file for easy query and reference. The system can track and record the whole process. It integrates data acquisition, recording and storage, and has remote diagnosis and control functions.


Like the tipping bucket rain gauge, the optical rain gauge is also an automatic rain gauge, relying on built-in sensors and other accessories to automatically count rainfall, and upload the data to the cloud platform through wired or wireless means for customers to view.



In the study of meteorological elements, rainfall is an important part of it. Measuring rainfall is of great significance to people’s production and life. For example, whether rainfall can meet the growth of crops in a certain period of time, how to determine the climate conditions and weather forecasts of a certain area. Before the Internet of Things technology was popularized, the monitoring and management of regional rainfall was relatively simple, basically relying on manual reading of data. During periods of heavy rainfall, it is difficult to obtain the latest real-time water level information.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right measuring tools and measuring methods. Standard rain gauges are loved by meteorological enthusiasts and rainfall researchers. Tipping bucket rain gauges are often used with weather stations. The best place for the automatic rain gauge is outdoor. Optical rain gauges are of great significance to aviation and navigation.











翻斗式雨量计如何工作?翻斗式雨量计是典型的气象站雨量计。它是最准确的雨量计。翻斗式雨量计工作原理利用翻斗式原理实时监测降雨变化。翻斗式雨量传感器是一种机械双稳态结构。由于重力,它会倾覆并处于等待状态。该过程将产生脉冲信号进行记录并通过无线通信上报云端服务器,为行业用户的指挥决策提供数据支持,提高水文监测能力。目前市场上常用的翻斗式雨量计材质有专业的 不锈钢雨量计 和 廉价的ABS雨量计




在气象要素的研究中,降雨是其中的重要组成部分。测雨量对人们的生产生活具有重要意义。例如,降雨量是否能满足作物在一定时期内的生长,如何确定某一地区的气候条件和天气预报等。在 物联网 技术普及之前,区域降雨的监测和管理比较简单,基本依靠人工读取数据。在强降雨期间,很难获得最新的实时水位信息。


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