Wireless sensors for agricultural applications



With the development of Internet of Things technology, wireless agricultural sensors and Internet of Things transmission technology have been widely used in smart agriculture. Smart agriculture is based on traditional agriculture, equipped with advanced facilities and perfect monitoring system. Wireless transmission systems based on Lora technology can improve the efficiency of agricultural production and reduce environmental pollution, thereby maximizing cost savings for agricultural producers or enterprises. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the commonly used lora sensors in smart agriculture, as well as the complete lora agricultural irrigation system.

What is a wireless sensor?

Wireless sensors use LoRa, 4G, Wifi technologies to measure various environmental factors. Different from traditional sensors, wireless sensors send measurement data to LoRa gateway through LoraWan/LinkWan, and finally send various types of sensors to the server. Wireless sensors include illumination sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, leakage sensors, PIR sensors, sensors, water sensors, sensors, and noise sensors.

Intelligent irrigation system based on LoRa

The growth of crops requires water irrigation. Too much or too little irrigation will affect their growth, and too much irrigation will cause a great waste of water resources. The smart agricultural irrigation system based LoRa installs sensors such as light, carbon dioxide, soil temperature and humidity, liquid level, and Lora gateways in the farmland, collects environmental data of crops, and uploads them to the visualization platform. Real-time monitoring and analysis of the environmental conditions of crop growth, so as to make intelligent decisions and improve crop yields.

The composition of Lora smart irrigation system

Intelligent agricultural irrigation system based on spread spectrum communication, ultra-long range, low LoRa wireless transmission technology. Real-time monitoring of agricultural production temperature, humidity, illumination, soil environment and other factors, the sensor data information processing analysis. The system consists of LoRa, Lora sensor (weather sensor + terrain sensor), charging gateway and cloud platform.

Wireless Irrigation Control System video

FAQs about Wireless agricultural sensor

Wireless gateway is located in the core of the network, is the information bridge between the terminal and the server, is a multi-channel receiver.

LoRa is a low-power LAN wireless standard. Its name, LoRa, is long range radio. Its biggest feature is that it can travel further than other wireless methods under the same power consumption condition. At the same power consumption, the distance is 3-5 times longer than the traditional radio communication.


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