How does the instrument to measure rainfall work?

Instruments that measure rainfall are among the common precipitation data collection instruments. We use various instruments to collect precipitation data. You can call them gadgets or devices in the modern way. But there is more than one instrument for measuring rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other types of precipitation, considering that this is probably the most diverse weather parameter.

let’s understand what precipitation measurement instruments are and how they work, so you know what to use next time to measure the rain or snow on your own.

Instrument to measure rainfall

Instrument to measure rainfall also known as an rain rouge r or hyetometer measures the depth of liquid precipitation in mm / inches over a set period of time in a particular place. There are several main types of rain gauges: graduated cylinders, weighing gauges, tipping bucket gauges, optical rain gauge, and others. The standard US National Weather Service rain gauge is developed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Rain and snow sensor

Rain and snow sensor is a qualitative measurement device used to measure whether there is rain or snow outdoors or in nature. It can be widely used in the qualitative measurement of rain and snow in the environment, greenhouse, aquaculture,etc. It is safe and reliable, with beautiful appearance and convenient installation.

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