The function and significance of optical rain gauge


Due to the strong local and diurnal variation of rainfall, it has been difficult to quantitatively measure rainfall on a daily basis. However, with the progress of science and technology, the rapid development of electronic sensors, we used to detect rainfall rainfall gauge from artificial rainfall sensor, siphon rainfall sensor developed to today’s tipping bucket rainfall sensor and optical rainfall sensor. For tipping bucket rain gauge, we have been very familiar with, that today to understand the optical rain gauge

Optical rain gauge is a new type of weather sensor, based on the principle of photoelectric detection, mainly used for measuring rainfall. When rain (or snow grains and other precipitation particles) through sample space, the rain will keep out laser, receives the sensor receives the light signal and the electrical signals from the optical signals (such as voltage or current) will change, after the rain through the sampling space, receives the sensor signals back to rain before entering the sample space. When raindrop traverses sampling space, the time of raindrop traversing sampling space can be obtained by processing the electrical signal from the receiving sensor.

JXCT optical rain gauge using infrared induction principle, the use for water droplets in the air when judging pervious to light the varying nature of the characteristics of rainfall, built-in multiple optical probe, strict optical path analysis, rainfall detection, reliable and can be widely used in intelligent flow irrigation, navigation of ships, weather station, automatic doors and Windows, geological disasters and other industries and fields.

optical rain gauge
Function and Significance:

Unlike mechanical rain gauges, optical rain gauges are smaller, more sensitive, more reliable, more intelligent and easier to maintain. Optical rain gauges use electronic optics and a series of micro-electronic filtering, amplification and detection techniques, which have an advantage over conventional mechanical rain gauges in sensitivity. When installing, because the optical rainfall sensor is non-mechanical and non-contact measurement, there is no horizontal installation requirement, simple installation, convenient later maintenance, smooth shell lines, easy maintenance design, not easy to block leaves.

Optical rainfall sensor has RS485 type, pulse type two kinds of signal output for choice, which RS485 type can be matched with small ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor, small ultrasonic weather station.

RS485 optical rainfall sensor can upload the collected data to computer software through RS485 to USB module.

You can also connect the small host or weather host to upload the data to our environmental monitoring cloud platform for real-time monitoring.

From the “heaven and earth rain measurement” in ancient times to the automatic rainfall measurement tool now, every progress of rain measurement equipment has poured into a lot of efforts and wisdom of our ancestors, experienced a long and difficult process, has become an indelible mark in the development of hydrology.

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