Irrigation frequency conversion control & pump filling


Product Introduction

The Irrigation frequency conversion control can prevent the motor from starting instantaneously and can control the motor speed. The variable frequency drive can be used with the water pump in the intelligent agricultural irrigation and coagulation system.


Intelligent irrigation system, also known as agricultural intelligent irrigation system. The irrigation control system is aimed at the field with wide area, difficult wiring and high operation and maintenance management cost. Based on the Internet of Things, wireless communication and other technologies, it implements precision irrigation around the farmland soil environment and on the premise of meeting the needs of crop growth, so as to minimize the waste of water resources and improve the water efficiency of irrigation. From the perspective of components, intelligent irrigation system is generally composed of scene equipment such as temperature collector and illumination collector, LoRa intelligent valve, LoRa intelligent gateway and management cloud platform. According to the farmland environmental parameters obtained by the collection equipment, the cloud platform can control the intelligent valve through the intelligent gateway to realize remote precision irrigation.




(1) Prevent the motor from starting instantaneously, and the current will double and increase; after installing the inverter, the motor will start .The instantaneous current will not increase suddenly, which not only saves cost, but also makes the electrode life longer.

(2) The frequency conversion control cabinet is equipped with a potent- iometer for frequency conversion speed regulation, which can send command signals to the motor according to the output frequency of the operator to control the speed of the motor.

(3) The variable frequency driver can be used with water pump in the intelligent agricultural irrigation and coagulation system, which can control the pressure and flow rate of the water pump.

(4) The cabinet body ofthe frequency conversion control cabinet is designed with displayequipment and operation panel, which are
connected with the electrical components insidethe frequency conversion control cabinet, and can visually display the running status of the frequency conversion control cabinet.

(5) The frequencyconversion control cabinet concentrates various electrical components including frequency converters in the cabinet, which can reduce the impact of the external environment on the electrical components and reduce the degree of environmental pollution ofthe electrical components.

(6)The frequency conversion cabinet can beplaced next to the water and fertilizer machine, which can control other water pumps, the operation of the mixing filter of the fertilizer bucket, the opening and closing of the solenoid valve, etc, and it can belinked with the water and fertilizer machine touch screen.


Variable frequency drive


Power (KW) Input voltage
3 380V
4 380V
5.5 380V
7.5 380V
11 380V
15 380V
18.5 380V
22 380V
30 380V
37 380V
45 380V
55 380V

Water pump


Power (KW) Flow rate (m3/h) Head (m)
5.5 25 39
7.5 50 39
11 50 52
15 50 65
15 100 36
25 100 54
30 20 260
37 20 290
37 50 156
45 50 195
75 200 80



Irrigation inverter controller can be widely used in hotels, farmland irrigation, fire water, domestic water, waterworks, construction sites and other environments.

How to use Irrigation frequency conversion control ?

1.One control one (control one water pump)
There is a total of a water pump on site. The PD value fed back by the pressure gauge or transmitter is compared with the set pressure. When the system pressure reaches the set pressure, the frequency will be reduced, sleep, and standby. When the system pressure is lower than the set value or wake up Frequency conversion and frequency under pressure
2.One use one preparation
The two pumps are standby pumps for each other, and can work alternately according to the set procedure, and only one pump works.
3.One control two (pressure assist) (control two pumps)
A total of two pumps refers to a total of two pumps on site, one works online, and two pumps can work online at the same time. For example, if the pressure of the No. 1 pump is insufficient for a period of time, it will automatically start the No. 2 pump to assist in boosting.
4.It can be customized with rich combination functions such as one control two, one control three, one control four, one control five, etc., as well as power frequency conversion and constant pressure water supply.


1. Is this kind of solenoid valve expensive?

We are a pioneer in the field of intelligent irrigation, focusing on technology research and development, equipment manufacturing and application promotion of agricultural Internet of Things system engineering. We have a professional sales manager according to your needs, detailed quotation.

2. How long is the warranty period for the equipment?

Equipment is usually guaranteed for one year. Users can also apply to return the equipment to the factory for maintenance after the warranty period ends. The user pays for the repairs.


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