Soil pH sensor-soil pH meter-fast measurement


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Soil pH fast measuring instrument (soil pH sensor), which solves the shortcomings of traditional measurement of soil pH, which requires professional display instruments, cumbersome calibration, difficult integration, low accuracy, high price, and difficult to carry,, to promote the development of modern smart agriculture, scientific planting, and increase yield.


(1)High sensitive probe, accurate measurement; measurement of various types of soil; measurement results can be displayed in a few seconds; insert soil immediate reading, shorten the time cost.
(2)The soil pH sensor uses FDR detector, which is simple and convenient, with high measurement efficiency; the resolution can reach 0.1 level, without reagent, unlimited detection times, greatly improving the measurement efficiency.
(3)3.7V lithium battery, low power, long life, no charge, one battery can be used for five years, portable measurement, accurate grasp of soil fertility.

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