The benefits of professional weather stations

Professional weather station JXBS-3001-QXZ is a professional instrument system for agricultural meteorological environment monitoring. The station measures important agricultural environmental parameters such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity and light intensity.

It can not only manage the production of agricultural ecological parks. Moreover, it can play the role of monitoring and early warning, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of natural disasters. It can also provide professional meteorological services for crop planting in the park, and promote the increase of agricultural ecological park income.


The meteorological station of JXCT is a multi-factor automatic observation station researched and developed according to the meteorological observation standard of international Meteorological Organization WMO. It can monitor air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, PM10, optical rainfall, total radiation and other conventional meteorological elements, with automatic recording, over-limit alarm and data communication functions.

The professional weather station consists of three parts: meteorological sensor, meteorological data recorder and meteorological environment monitoring software. Meteorological stations are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, tourism, scientific research, meteorology and other urban environmental monitoring and other professional fields.

Professional weather station Functional characteristics
  1. Low power collector: The static power consumption is less than 50uA.
  2. GPRS networking, support extended RS485 networking;
  3. Support extended sensor remote transmission, lora transparent transmission within 30km, Internet of Things card transmission beyond 30km;
  4. support LED screen display compatible with maximum 32768px;
  1. Support expansion of Android screen display, storage, expansion of Android screen support 2G data storage, USB disk data export;
  2. support modbus485 sensor expansion;
  3. solar charging management MPPT automatic power point tracking;
  4. optional 2000mah-24Ah battery;
  5. Supporting the Internet of Things data display, storage and analysis platform.

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