The Best Evaporation Sensor for Weather Station

The evaporation sensor is a meteorological monitoring instrument used to observe the evaporation of water surface. It adopts a double-layer stainless steel structure design, which can prevent the evaporation error caused by direct sunlight. Compared with other weather sensors, it has higher precision, high sensitivity and wide range. It can quickly and accurately measure the amount of evaporation per unit area and is often used in weather stations.

Evaporation Sensor
About – Evaporation Sensors

The evaporator obtains the evaporation amount by weighing the weight change of the liquid in the evaporation vessel, and then calculating the liquid level height. It can be used with automatic water addition equipment or data acquisition and transmission equipment to realize automatic monitoring of the evaporation process, or it can be used with data acquisition and storage equipment (recorder) to realize automatic storage of evaporation data.

Evaporation sensor features

1, This evaporation sensor can prevent evaporation errors caused by direct sunlight has a higher measurement accuracy than products in the other factory.

2, The whole material is made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, does not rust, and has a beautiful appearance.

3, Using the wiring method with the bottom outlet, reducing open wires, avoiding line failures, convenient installation, and simple operation.

4, Double-layer protection design structure, the product’s unique double-layer stainless steel design can effectively isolate external interference and make the measurement results more accurate.

5, Strong adaptability, anti-electromagnetic interference, even if the power is turned on after a power failure, the output data is still correct.

6, This evaporation gauge is a digital sensor, with no temperature drift, time drift, long-term stable performance.

Evaporation Sensor Working Principle

Applying the principle of pressure measurement, evaporation is measured by measuring the change in the weight of the liquid in the evaporating dish and then calculating the height of the page. Water surface evaporation measurement that can adapt to various environments is not affected by liquid icing and overcomes the disadvantages of inaccurate measurement when the liquid level is measured using the ultrasonic principle, easy damage to the sensor when there is no water, and low measurement accuracy.

Evaporation Sensor Installation Steps

Unpack the product, place the outer shell, inner liner, and base on level ground for installation. The installation steps are as follows:

Place the inner tank on the base tray.

Put the shell on the base chassis.

Turn the shell to align the bolt holes at the bottom of the shell with the bolt holes of the base tray and then insert the bolts to tighten.

Fix the assembled equipment on the pre-made cement base.

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