What is a five pin soil sensor?


There are three traditional methods for monitoring soil moisture temperature, conductivity and PH in farmland. They are: indirect determination, direct determination, remote sensing and field GPS positioning method. However, these three monitoring methods or cumbersome process, inconvenient operation. Or it’s too simple to be accurate. Or it takes time and money. In a word, it is lack of timeliness and accuracy, it is difficult to realize the real-time monitoring of farmland environment. In view of this, in order to effectively improve the detection technology and monitoring means. And improving the speed and accuracy of monitoring. It is necessary for us to use the current advanced five pin soil sensor.

Soil is an important natural resource and the material basis of agricultural production. Accurate monitoring of soil environmental parameters and quality is of great significance for guiding the development of agricultural resources and agricultural production. In recent years, China attaches great importance to the protection of soil resources and ecological environment construction. Monitoring soil environment has become a routine work for agriculture and environmental protection departments.

All in one soil sensor
All in one soil sensor
Overview of five pin sensors:

The five pin soil sensor has the characteristics of stable performance, high sensitivity, fast response and stable output. Suitable for all kinds of soil, it is an important tool to observe and study the occurrence, evolution and improvement of saline soil and the dynamics of water and salt. Can be long-term buried in the soil, long-term electrolytic resistance, corrosion resistance, vacuum sealing, completely waterproof. Accurately measure soil temperature, moisture, conductivity and PH value without destroying the original soil structure.

The sensor is suitable for soil moisture monitoring, scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland and pasture, soil speed measurement, plant cultivation, sewage treatment, fine agriculture and other occasions of temperature and humidity, conductivity, PH test.

Five pin sensor data upload mode:

In order to facilitate managers to understand the soil environment in time, the four-in-one sensor of conductivity, soil temperature, water and PH can be connected to the environment monitoring host by 485 wiring mode and uploaded to the environment monitoring cloud platform to monitor the soil in real time. It can also coordinate with relevant soil data to control irrigation systems and other related equipment. Once one of the soil temperature, moisture, conductivity and PH exceeds the upper and lower limits, an alarm will be triggered to inform the management personnel for processing.

5 in 1 integrated soil sensor
5 in 1 integrated soil sensor
Five – in – one soil sensor:

5 in 1 soil sensor is a kind of soil integrated sensor independently developed by Jingxun Unblock Company. Soil temperature, soil moisture, soil pH value, soil conductivity (EC), soil nitrogen (N), soil phosphorus (P), soil potassium (K) can be monitored simultaneously. Soil integrated sensor (5 in 1 soil sensor) adopts international new generation TDR measurement method. Detection accuracy can reach within 3%; The special metal probe greatly prolongs the service life of the product.

Five in one soil sensor features:

The 5-in-1 sensor provides good protection. Epoxy resin can be packed in high temperature vacuum to prevent moisture from entering the body for better sealing. IP68 waterproof and dustproof. In addition to the combination part, we also do waterproof and dustproof treatment for the whole body. Ensure that components run for a long time. Have metal probe sensitive chip. The probe is resistant to corrosion, electrolysis and salt-alkali corrosion. Ensure the probe part of long-term work, suitable for all kinds of soil. Low power consumption, high sensitivity, stable signal.

Portable digital soil detector:

Portable digital soil detectors can insert sensors into the soil and display measurements in seconds. Simple and convenient, no reagents required. The sensor can be replaced to measure different soil parameters without purchasing other display instruments, which greatly reduces the customer’s cost and facilitates the user’s measurement.The measurement results can be displayed within seconds after the sensor is inserted, which is simple, convenient, low-cost and fast. Pressing record current sensor data helps the researcher to memorize it the way he wants. And set a time for collecting data. Can store 200,000 pieces of data, and can adjust the setting time interval to record data. The value ranges from 5 seconds to 24 hours. We can view the data by date and time.

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