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Whether there is a harvest or no harvest depends on the water, and the more and the less depends on the fertilizer. This proverb is used in agriculture to emphasize the importance of water and fertilizer for plant growth. In summer, the temperature rises in most parts of the country, and droughts and floods are prone to occur. Summer is the season when crops grow most vigorously, and extreme weather conditions will affect the normal growth of plants. Appropriate water and fertilizer are especially important in the process of crop growth. How to know the growth requirements of crops for water and fertilizer? This requires soil moisture monitoring. The soil temperature and humidity, electrical conductivity, and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content are particularly important for plant growth. We can use smart agricultural equipment for online monitoring and observation.

Effects of soil composition on soil:

Soil temperature has a great influence on crop growth and microbial activity in soil, as well as the transformation of various nutrients, soil water evaporation and movement. Within a certain temperature range, the higher the soil temperature, the faster the growth and development of crops. The soil temperature is too low, the microbial activity is weakened, and the organic matter is difficult to decompose. The root respiration of crops is reduced, resulting in crop nutrient deficiency. Growth slows down.

Soil conductivity is used to describe soil salinity status, and it contains rich information reflecting soil quality and physical properties. For example, salinity, moisture, temperature, organic matter content and texture structure in soil all affect soil conductivity to varying degrees. Effectively obtain the conductivity value of the soil. It is of great significance for determining the differences in the spatiotemporal distribution of various field parameters.

Low or high content of trace elements in the soil is not conducive to the growth of plants. For example, when phosphate fertilizer is excessively applied to the soil, the phosphate ions in the phosphate fertilizer combine with cations such as calcium and magnesium in the soil to form insoluble phosphate. It not only wastes phosphate fertilizer, but also destroys the soil aggregate structure. Will cause soil compaction.

Soil parameter sensor
Soil parameter sensor
Jingxun Unimpeded Soil Speed Tester:

Jingxun’s fast soil parameter measuring instrument (soil sensor) is a smart agricultural equipment with high precision. Soil sensors monitor soil temperature and humidity, pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and conductivity. Simple and convenient, low cost, fast measurement speed. After the metal probe is inserted into the soil, the measurement result can be displayed in a few seconds, and the measurement is accurate. Clear reading, high-definition large-screen display. The reading is convenient, and the digital display is clear at a glance.

It can accurately detect various components such as soil temperature and humidity, soil conductivity and soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in real time. The composition index of soil plays a very important role in the growth of crops. Using the detector can accurately detect soil temperature and humidity to judge soil moisture. Find out if the soil needs watering. By monitoring soil nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, the crops should be fertilized or not.

Water and Fertilizer Integrated Machine
Water and Fertilizer Integrated Machine
Smart Agricultural Equipment-Water and Fertilizer Irrigation Machine:

The water and fertilizer integrated machine supplies water and fertilizer through a controllable pipeline system. After the water and fertilizer are mixed, uniform, regular and quantitative irrigation is formed through pipes and drippers. Infiltrate the growth area of the root system of crops, so that the soil of the main root system is always loose and has a suitable water content. At the same time, according to the water and fertilizer requirements of crops in different growth periods, the demand design of different growth periods is carried out. The water and nutrients are regularly and quantitatively provided to crops directly in proportion. The integration of water and fertilizer realizes intelligent and precise control by combining with the irrigation and fertilization system.

Water and fertilizer integration technology is a new type of agricultural technology that integrates irrigation and fertilization. The integration of water and fertilizer is the use of a pressure system (or natural decline of the terrain), according to the soil nutrient content and the fertilizer requirements and characteristics of the crop species. Mixing soluble solid or liquid fertilizers, the fertilizing solution and irrigation water are mixed together through a controlled piping system. Water supply and fertilizer supply. After the water and fertilizer are dissolved, spray irrigation is formed through pipes, spray guns or nozzles, and sprayed on the crop growth area evenly, regularly and quantitatively. Keep the soil in the main growing area loose and with suitable moisture content throughout.

Advantages of water and fertilizer machine:

Before artificial fertilization, each person fertilized up to 2 mu of land per day. 200 acres need 50 people for 2 days, and the labor wage is 12,000 yuan. After using the integrated water and fertilizer machine, only one worker is required to control it with one key. It only takes 2 days at most to complete 200 acres of land at one time. A total of 4 times of fertilization per month, saving labor of 11,040 yuan. The time and money saved can be invested in other aspects of production.

The original compound fertilizer used 30 kg of fertilizer per mu of land per month, and 6,000 kg of fertilizer was needed for 200 mu. Considering the labor cost, the fertilizer could only be applied once. Now the liquid fertilizer is applied 4 times a month, 80 kg of fertilizer is used for 7 mu of land, and only 2,280 kg of fertilizer is needed for the entire planting area. It saves 62% in the amount of fertilizer used, and really achieves less application and more meals. Fertilizer efficiency has been greatly improved. More importantly: the use of solid fertilizers in the past was not very efficient. Unabsorbed fertilizer settles into the soil, causing soil compaction.

The water and fertilizer integrated machine has a high pressure of fertilizer injection and can be applied to a variety of different irrigation forms. Such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, reel, pointer sprinkler irrigation, micro-spray and so on. Among them, high-efficiency water-saving irrigation technologies such as sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation and pipeline irrigation have developed rapidly due to the adoption of “water-required irrigation”, “precise water use” and “water and fertilizer integration” technologies, becoming the most advanced irrigation water-saving technologies.

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