RS485 Iot Weather Louver-Weather shield box


Product Description:

The RS485 Iot Weather Louver adopts a waterproof layered design to prevent water from entering the interior space. The white shell is not easy to absorb heat, and can prevent the direct radiation of the sun and the reflection of the ground while reducing the temperature difference. Protects internal circuit boards from strong wind, rain, snow, etc. The louvered box design can ensure ventilation and improve the accuracy of detection. Small size, light weight and easy installation. Can support long-term outdoor work.

  • Model: JXBS-3001-BYX
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours

A fixed-type automatic ground observation equipment. Observation items mainly include wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, illumination, carbon dioxide concentration, PM2.5, PM10, oxygen concentration, ammonia concentration, hydrogen sulfide concentration, noise and other meteorological elements. Meteorological shelters can be widely used in urban environment, agricultural monitoring, industrial governance and other environments so as to collect more efficient monitoring data.

RS485 Iot Weather Louver Features

1. Waterproof shell design

Waterproof cascading design can effectively avoid the internal space water, prevent equipment aging.

2. Shell radiation protection function

White shell is not easy to absorb heat, reduce the temperature difference at the same time can prevent direct solar radiation and ground radiation, protect the internal circuit board from strong wind, rain, snow and other effects.

3. High detection accuracy

Louvered box design can ensure ventilation and improve the accuracy of detection.


4. High sensitivity of equipment

Iot weather shutters use highly sensitive digital probes for stable signals and high precision.

5. Easy to carry

Time screen box is small, light, easy to install and can support long time outdoor work.

6. Iot monitoring data

The data acquisition system of the shutters is accurate, stable and reliable.

RS485 Iot Weather Louver Parameters


Parameter name Measuring range Unit
Dc power supply (default)  12-24 V DC
Power consumption ≤0.5 W
Output signal RS485  (Mondbus protocol)
Working pressure range 0.9-1.1 atm
Working temperature -110
Working humidity 0-95% (No condensation) RH

How to use RS485 Iot Weather Louver?


Installation matters

The device is fixed by three mounting screws at the bottom. Customers can use screws to fix the louver device. The fixing holes are located as shown in the figure below.

The installation location needs to pay attention to the following:

1. The transmitter should be installed as horizontally as possible to ensure that the installation is perpendicular to the horizontal plane.
2. The installation height is the human sitting height or the environmental area where the measurement is mainly required.
At the same time, please pay attention to the following precautions:
1. Avoid installing in areas that are easy to transfer heat and will directly cause a temperature difference with the area to be measured, otherwise the temperature and humidity measurement will be inaccurate.
2. Install in an area with stable environment, avoid direct sunlight, stay away from windows, air-conditioning, heating and other equipment, and avoid directly facing windows and doors.
3. Keep away from high-power interference equipment as far as possible to avoid inaccurate measurement, such as inverters and motors.


  1. The device cannot connect to the PLC or computer,The possible reasons are as follows:
  • The computer has multiple COM ports and the selected port is incorrect.
  • The device address is wrong, or there are devices with duplicate addresses (the factory default is all 1).
  • Baud rate, check method, data bit, stop bit error.
  • The host polling interval and waiting time for response are too short, and both need to be set above 200ms.
  • The 485 bus is disconnected, or the A and B wires are connected reversely.
  • There are too many devices or the wiring is too long. You should supply power nearby, add a 485 booster, and add a 120Ω terminal resistance.
  • The USB to 485 driver is not installed or damaged.
  • The equipment is damaged.

2.  How long is the warranty period of the equipment ?

The equipment warranty period is usually one year. Product users who exceed the warranty period can apply for paid return to the factory for maintenance. Our after sales staff are happy to serve you.


RS485 Iot Weather Louver Instruction Manual


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