Liquid crystal temperature and humidity sensor-Temperature sensor


 Product Introduction

The Liquid crystal temperature and humidity sensor (JXBS-3001-YJTH) is a device suitable for indoor monitoring. It uses a large-screen LCD, which makes the data more intuitive. With automatic storage function, up to 65535 pieces of data can be stored at a time, the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity can be set freely according to requirements, can calibrate by RS485 data transmission.

  • Model: JXBS-3001-YJTH
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours

The appearance of this temperature and humidity monitor is equipped with a high-definition LCD, and the values can be seen in a dim environment. The internal monitoring equipment can record and store in real-time, which is convenient for users to retrieve monitoring data at any time and can also synchronize data with our monitoring platform software, provide users with remote data monitoring. The internal integrated alarm function module (buzzer or relay) can realize high and low-temperature alarms and high and low humidity alarms. It is an excellent intelligent industrial-grade temperature and humidity recorder.

This RS485 temperature humidity recorder has two power supply modes, a battery power supply, and an external power supply. In order to meet the measurement requirements of customers on different occasions, our products provide you with two choices of built-in probe and external probe, which greatly meets all the needs of users. This temperature humidity sensor has buttons at the bottom, so the user can manually adjust the temperature and humidity monitoring range and has an alarm function.

Liquid crystal temperature and humidity sensor Features

1. The temperature and humidity monitor adopts a temperature measurement unit imported from Switzerland, which has high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability.

2. This RS-WS-N01-6*-* sensor has a built-in memory, real-time recording of temperature and humidity data, and a maximum of 65,535 groups can be recorded.

3. The user can set various alarm parameters, communication parameters, time and date, etc. through the LCD buttons. The built-in temperature and humidity alarm function can set the upper and lower limits and return the difference between the temperature and humidity alarm.

4. The 3.8-inch LCD screen displays real-time temperature, humidity, time and date, stored capacity, device address and baud rate, etc.

5. The user can remotely call and set parameters such as temperature and humidity alarm parameters, time and date, and recording parameters through the monitoring platform.
6. The 485 temperature humidity sensor has 2 switching signal outputs, which can be associated with alarm output. One-way built-in buzzer alarms, one-way extended sound, and light alarm alarms.
7. Multiple recording modes, after the equipment is connected to the monitoring platform, the temperature and humidity recorded data can be automatically spliced in chronological order.
8. 10~30V wide power supply voltage input. The built-in backup battery can last for more than 48 hours. It can work normally even when the power is off.

Liquid crystal temperature and humidity sensorParameters

Parameter name Measuring range Unit
DC power supply 9-24 V DC
Maximum power consumption 0.4 W
Temperature arange .-40~80(can be customized)
Humidity range 5-95% RH
Temperature resolution 0.1
Humidity resolution 0.1 RH
Transmission interface RS485
Probe measurement environment 0%-100% RH
Corresponding time 15s m/s windspeed
Temperature and humidity refresh time <0.5
Time and date Built-in always, real-time display
Record points 160,000

Sensor video


1.What is the housing material of this industrial temperature and humidity sensor?

The shell is made of high-strength ABS plastic material.

2.What can I do if the device cannot be turned on?

To prevent unexpected parameter changes, the device is locked after it is powered on, and the lock icon is locked. If you want to use the configuration menu, you must unlock the device first. First, press the up flip button for 3 seconds and release it. Then press the up flip button for 3 seconds and release it to unlock it. The lock icon is unlocked. In the unlocked state, long press the upturn button on the home screen for 3 seconds to release, and then long press the Upturn button for 3 seconds to change back to the locked state.

3.How to calibrate the sensor?

Our sensors have been calibrated before they leave the factory, and there is no need for customers to perform secondary calibration.


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