ABS bucket type rain gauge-Rain gauge


Product Introduction

This is an ABS bucket type rain gauge from the weather station. It is a more commercial rain gauge at a lower price than the standard stainless steel tip bucket rain gauge. It uses the working principle of a standard tip-bucket rain gauge, but due to material problems, its accuracy and service life are slightly lower than that of a stainless steel rain gauge. If you are a beginner to rain gauges, or you are on a budget and want to buy a cheap rain gauge, then our ABS Dump Bucket rain gauge will be your best bet.

  • Model: JXBS-3001-MCYL
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours

The tipping bucket of our rain gauge is equipped with constant magnetic steel, and the reed switch bracket is equipped with a reed switch. When the equipment leaves the factory, the magnetic steel, and the reed switch have been adjusted at a suitable coupling distance so that the output signal of the instrument and the number of flipping buckets can be determined.

ABS bucket type rain gauge Features:

  • ABS engineering plastic

The rain socket is made of ABS engineering plastic with high finish and small error caused by stagnant water. ABS shell, mechanical bistable structure, four core waterproof cable.

  • Easy use

Small size, easy installation, good stability. There is a level adjustment bubble inside the chassis, which can assist thebottom corner to adjust the equipment to the level.

  • High accuracy

Good linearity, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability. The rain-bearing mouth is made of ABS engineeering plastic injection molding, with high smoothness and small errors caused by stagnant water.

  • Good stability

The tipping bucket component support system is well-manufactured and the frictional moment is small, so the tipping bucket components can be flipped sensitively and work reliably.

  • Easy to maintain

The tipping bucket of our rain gauge is a three-dimensional streamlined design and is designed with a drooping curved diversion tip. Its appearance is beautiful and smooth, the water tipping performance is better, and it is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Long using life

The shell of the plastic rain gauge is made of ABS engineering plastics, no rust, good appearance quality. Mesh holes aredesigned at the funnel to prevent leaves and other debris from blocking the rain flow down.


Parameter name Parameter value Unit
Rainfall intensity range 0~8 mm/min
Rate of differentiation 0.2 mm
Accuracy of measurement 0.2 mm
Refresh interval 10 s
Air temperature .-40~85
Measurement accuracy ±0.3
Relative humidity 0-100% RH
Atmospheric pressure 300~1100 hPa
Measurement accuracy ±0.4 hPa
Report interval 1 m~24 H
Power supply range  12~24 VDC
Power consumption <1 W
Protection level IP65
Output signal RS485
Rain bearing diameter 164 mm


Installation Details


When installing the outdoor ground and roof, first make the cement installation foundation according to the requirements, and the plane of the cement foundation should be horizontal. The size of the cement installation foundation is generally a 40cm×40cm square base with a height of not less than 30cm or a circular base with a diameter of 40cm. It is required that the height of the rain-bearing mouth of the instrument is 70cm from the ground level, and no shelters higher than the rain-bearing mouth of the instrument are allowed within 3 to 5 meters around the mouth of the instrument.

Install a fixed rain gauge to adjust the level of the rain opening

Drill 3 mounting holes with a diameter of 10 cm and a depth of 8-10cm on the cement foundation, place the expansion bolts in the mounting holes, and lock them with lock nuts, and then install the instrument base on the 3 height-adjusting support nuts, and adjust the support nuts Use a level to measure whether the ring mouth is in a horizontal state, and finally use the upper lock to fix the instrument.

If you have special installation requirements, please contact our professional technicians.


1.How accurate are tipping bucket rain gauges?

First, the rain gauge needs to be disassembled, re-titrated to adjust the base point, and then the distance of the base point of the bucket turning over is adjusted. (This process requires professionals to operate)
Next, adjust the horizontal bubble inside the rain gauge, and use a small wrench to adjust the horizontal screw so that the horizontal bubble emerges in the center.

2. What are the different types of rain gauge?

There are three main types of rain gauges: standard rain gauges, flip barrel rain gauges, and optical rain gauges. Although the basic operation of rain gauges is generally not very different from these major rain gauges, further distinctions can be made between how they work and how they provide data.

3. JINGXUN stainless steel tipping bucket rain gauge accuracy is ≤4%, , and the accuracy of the tipping bucket rain gauge we provide the highest precision is±3%.



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