Soil pH Sensor – Soil pH Tester


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Product Description:

Soil pH refers to the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, and its range is 0-14. If the pH is equal to 7, the reaction is neutral, <7 is acidic, and >7 is alkaline. The pH of the soil has an important influence on the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil, and thus has an important impact on the healthy growth of plants. For soil pH measurement, we can use Proximity’s soil pH sensor.


Parameter introduction:

Measurement parameter: PH
Name: Soil pH Sensor
Appearance type: two-pin
pH measurement range: 3-9pH
Communication port: RS485
Power supply: 12V-24V DC
Power consumption: ≤0.15W
Response speed: ≤15s
Working temperature: 0-55℃
Measurement accuracy: ±0.3pH

Soil pH Sensor

Product performance:

1. It adopts integrated structure design and external SD card, which can accurately measure the PH of the tested site, and upload the environmental factor measurement data of the tested site with one key. The data can also be directly exported to the computer through the on-camera software.

2. Small size, beautiful appearance, simple and convenient operation, reliable performance, and extremely convenient to carry in the field. After the host is connected to the sensor, the records can be stored manually or the sampling interval can be arbitrarily set by the host to automatically store the recorded data.

3. After the sensor is inserted into the host, the host has the function of automatic identification, the sensor consistency is good, the sensor can be combined according to the requirements, and the sensor interfaces of different parameters can be converted to each other, which has no effect on the measurement accuracy.

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