Soil speed meter-Soil multiparameter tachometer



Product Introduction


Soil treasure speed meter

Soil speed meter has high precision. Soil sensor can monitor soil temperature and humidity,pH value, nitrogen,phosphorus, potassium and electrical conductivity. It is simple and convenient, with low cost and fast measurement speed.

Soil Speed Meter Features

(1)accurate measurement
When the metal probe is inserted into the soil, the measurement results can be displayed in a few seconds, and the measurement is accurate.
(2)3. 7V low lithium battery, low power, low consumotion.
The product is powered by a 3. 7V lithium battery, which has low power consumption, long life andeasy to use.
(3)Large screen LCD digital display
Clear reading, high definition large screen display, easy to read, digital display at a glance.
(4)Plug and play
The measurement product can be inserted into the soil, which is simple and convenient, low cost and fast.

Soil Speed Meter Parameters

Parameter name Measuring range Unit
Power supply mode DC 3.7 V DC
Communication methods Mobile/telecom NB-IOT network
Reporting interval 60 (customizable) min
Battery life 4000Mah for more than 3 years
Moisture measuring range 0-100%
Precision of moisture 0-53%(±3%)/53-100%(±5%)
Temperature measuring range -120
Accuracy of temperature ±0.5
PH measuring range 3~9 PH
N,P,K measurement range 1-1999 mg/kg(mg/L)
N,P,K resolution 1 mg/kg(mg/L)
N,P,K measurement accuracy ±2 %F.S.
Conductivity measurement range 0-10000 uS/c
Response time <1 S
Protection grade IP68
Operating temperature .-20~60


Soil speed meter is suitable for farmland production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, all kinds of horticultural soil testing, support parameter free customization, multi in one soil sensor customization.

How to use Soil speed meter detector

1. Quick test method

To measure the position, avoid rocks and ensure that the steel needle does not touch hard objects. Discard the top soil at the required measurement depth, keeping the original tightness of the soil below, and insert the sensor vertically into the soil. Don’t rock from side to side. It is recommended to measure the average multiple times in a small area of a measurement point.

2. buried measurement method

Dig a pit with a diameter >20cm vertically, insert the induction needle horizontally into the pit wall to a predetermined depth, and fill the pit tightly. After a period of stabilization, measurements and recordings can be made for days, months, or even longer.


Soil speed meter Introduction-Manual


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