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Product Introduction

The Agricultural weather station is a comprehensive small-scale automatic weather monitoring system designed for real-time monitoring of agricultural ecological environment, environmental monitoring related to agricultural production activities, and farmland meteorological environment regulation.


Agricultural weather station can continuously monitor and collect information on Agricultural environmental factors such as soil, moisture, light, heat, etc. It can comprehensively monitor the growth status of crops and soil moisture in farmland, and grasp the growth of crops in time. When crops are restricted due to these factors, Users can react quickly and take emergency precautions.


(1)Multiple transmission modes: support 485 output mode (default), 4G, Ethernet output mode;
(2)Solar power system, 24 hours power supply;
(3)The 7-inch touch control panel displays all the readings of the weather station in real time;Adjustable size, real-time collected weather data and other set information.
(4)The weather station can be equipped with monitoring, automatic photographing, video uploading platform, convenient to observe the actual growth of plants.
(5)Tripod pole; upright pole bracket is optional;
(6)Sensors: ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, soil temperature, soil moisture sensor, soil PH, soil salinity, rainfall sensor, total radiation sensor, carbon dioxide, sunshine hours and other meteorological element sensors (according to requirements Optional).


The weather station can be used for field climate science research, agricultural weather forecast services, agricultural disaster early warning services, livestock breeding environmental early warning services, special crop weather monitoring, farmland microclimate monitoring systems, atmospheric environment monitoring and other scenarios, and support customization.



Technical parameters Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
temperature -40-125℃ 0.1℃ 士0.2℃
humidity 0-100%RH 0.1%RH 土3%RH
PM2.5 0-999ug/m3 1ug/m3 土3F.s
PM10 0-999ug/m3 1ug/m3 土3F.s
Atmospheric pressure 1-110Kpa 0.01Kpa 士0.1Kpa
wind direction 16 direction 1 direction
rainfall 0-30mm/min 0.2mm/min 土2%
soil -45-115℃ 0.5℃ 土3%
evaporation 0- 200mm 1mm 土1%

How to use Agricultural Weather Station 



Why choose our weather station?

Professional brand: JXCT has 7 years of experience in weather sensors manufacturing and is the Chinese top one manufacturer of environmental monitoring equipment. With a professional R&D and technical team, the product variety is rich, and it supports customer customization.

More types: Provide a variety of agricultural or industrial weather stations, weather sensors with various output methods. You can freely match sensors according to your needs. Wide measurement range.

Free platform: In order to facilitate customers to view data in real-time, JXCT has developed a variety of data platforms, which can be viewed through various methods such as computers, iPad, and mobile phones. All are provided to users for free.

Cheap price: We have a complete production scale and controllable cost. The price of the same type of weather station is much lower than the average market price. It can save you at least 40% of your budget.

Fast delivery: We have sufficient stock and can guarantee delivery within 24 hours after payment. Welcome to inquire.


Agricultural Weather Station Instruction Manual


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